Multi Purpose Lockers

Multi Purpose Lockers

Z - Cover Locker Cabinet

1.1 - Full Cover Cabinets

1.2 - Half Cover Cabinets

1.3 - 3 Covers Cabinets

1.4 - 4 Covers Cabinets

1.5 - 5 Covers Cabinets

Custom Size Cabinets

School, Hospital, Hotel, Workplaces, Factories, Gyms and in the other similar places, the lockers and safety cabinets used to create personal space are carefully selected according to the most reasonable usage and the most suitable capacity. With various accessory options, the most suitable selection is created for your request.
Compact Covered Cabinets are preferred for use in wet areas, and MDFLam Covered Locker Cabinets are more cost-effective for use in environments without moisture.
In applications where the amount of circulation and use is high, such as call centers and gyms, electronic combination locks are more suitable for use, while standard locks may be preferred for use in fewer numbers.
Our Cabinet Systems are produced as a result of intensive R&D studies to answer every need.